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Introducing Josef Nemelka & Family, of Březno u Chomutova, Chech Republic (click here).

Introducing Robert Nemelka & Family, of Eichstaett, Germany (click here).

Introducing Dagmar Haller-Nemelka & Family of Munich, Germany (click here).

Introducing Lars Nemelka & Family of Singen am Hohentwiel Germany (click here).

Introducing Odette Nemelka and Family of Genoa, Italy (click here).

Birthday List  (accessed via the Community, userID and password required)  Please contact the webmaster if you see any incorrect or missing information. 

Animated Family Tree  (accessed via the Community, userID and password required)  This is an animated interactive Flash family tree that shows how all the Nemelka family members are related -- both living and deceased.  To view this file you will need Macromedia Flash software installed on your computer, and you will need to download and save both the Flash file and the accompanying XML file in the same director.  If needed, you can download a free copy of the Flash player by clicking the icon below.

Two additional flash family trees for public viewing (ID and password NOT required):

Family Tree excluding family members born after 1921

Carl Alois Nemelka ancestors

If you're interested in creating your own animated Flash family tree, we recommend the following book:

Flash MX Application & Interface Design
by Peter Aylward, Ken Jokol, Jamie Macdonald, Paul Prudence, Glen Rhode,
Glen Rhodes

You can find it at Amazon by clicking here.

Carl and Elizabeth's photo family tree, shown below.   If you've got an old PC you'll probably need to download the Macromedia Flash Player.  You can get it by clicking below.