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Lawrence Paul “Larry” Nemelka has passed away. Interment was held at Menifee Valley Cemetery on January 21, 2022.

Gayle Cotterell Nemelka, the life history written by Richard S. “Dick” Nemelka, is available in PDF format. Please visit the Contact Us page to request a copy. 

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Family contact info. Get family addresses and other contact information. Go to the “contact us” page to request this file. Adobe PDF, Microsoft Outlook, and comma-separated data format file types are all available.

Birthdays August Moea'i, Brook August 1
Nemelka, Lindsay August 2
Westerman, Ron August 2
Nemelka, Sadie August 4
Knott, Taylor August 4
Jensen Amanda August 8
Rodriguez, Leslie August 9
Nemelka, Carson August 10
Gathercoal, Jaylene August 10
Ferguson, Jeremy August 12
Mills, Becky August 18
McGuire, Keri August 18
Forrest, Alesa August 19
Nemelka, Kym August 19
Nemelka, Jaycie August 21
Nemelka, Jaycie August 21
Nemelka, Ken August 22
Forrest, Alec August 25
Hanson, Lori August 27
Valdez, Breanne August 29
Holt, Derek August 29

September Nemelka, Luke September 3
Nemelka, Jefferson September 4
Cummings, Melissa September 4
Nemelka, Marci September 5
Nemelka, Kristine September 5
Nemelka, Michael P. September 6
Nemelka Stephanie September 6
Gathercoal, Jesse September 10
Nemelka, Devon September 11
Mills, McKenzie September 15
Nemelka, Stephen September 16
Commodore, Pyper September 17
Nemelka, Cory September 18
Nemelka, Jentrie September 18
Nemelka, Cassie September 19
Nemelka, Jeffrey R. September 19
Forrest, Jim September 20
Richardson, Kamie September 21
Nemelka, Sydney September 22
Nemelka, Kasey September 23
Nemelka, Kayla September 24
Hicks, Wade September 25
Nemelka, John Fritzen September 27
Nemelka, Matthew September 28
Barham, Steve September 28
Mills, Gary September 28

October Nemelka, Richard October 1
Sullivan, Patrick October 3
Nemelka, Marley Anne October 3
Warner, Lisa October 4
Hicks, Jocelyn October 4
Nemelka, Marie October 4
Forrest, Whitney October 7
Nemelka, Sharon October 11
Nemelka, Kristi October 14
Nemelka, Thomas October 20
Hicks, Robin October 22
Nemelka, Jeff October 30
Thornburg, Paul October 30
Barham, Jeannene October 30
Nemelka, Sheri October 31
Nemelka, Jonah October 31