About Us

This site is managed by descendants of Carl Alois and Helene Elizabeth Lucas Nemelka (pictured here).

Carl and Elizabeth, of Czech and German descent respectively, emigrated from Germany to Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. in 1909. They had 5 children who lived to adulthood: Walter, Joseph, Nephi, Esther, and Mary. Their posterity now number over 200, most of whom live in the United States of America.

Though this site is intended primarily for descendants of Carl and Elizabeth, we hope that it will prove helpful to friends and more distant relatives as well. “Nemelka” is a unique name, and one of our goals in creating this site is to make contact with unknown relatives in other parts of the world, particularly Germany, the Czech Republic, and South America–all places where Carl’s brothers lived.

Carl was born in Tetschen (now Decin), Czech Republic in 1877 to Adolf and Johanna Paulina Kostecka Nemelka. The panorama banner at the top of this page is of Tetschen. Adolf was born in Tetschen in 1838 to Martin and Theresia Rodewald Nemelka. Martin was born in 1805 in Vseruby (also known as Neumark) Czech Republic. Most of the towns in which our ancestors lived were located in what is known as the “Sudetenland” of Bohemia, where most of the residents spoke German.

If you are a Nemelka or related to one, we would like to hear from you. Please visit the Contact Us page for more information.