Carl Nemelka compiled extensive genealogy information for the Nemelka family. After his death, Joseph and Gayle Nemelka continued the research, compiling extensive records for the Nemelka, Cotterell, and Howell family lines. is a site which has access to most of the information they compiled. In addition to viewing information directly from the site, you can download a free software program that will allow you to view Personal Ancestral Files (PAF file types). PAF is the file format we use for genealogy records posted on this site. Unfortunately, some of the Nemelka family information shown on the FamilySearch site sometimes is inaccurate due to duplicate postings and human error. We recommend you use the information contained in the file posted on this site for your own genealogy research purposes.

Jeff Nemelka (son of Jody Nemelka) has assumed overall responsibility for continuing genealogy research for the family. He has converted many of the paper-based records into electronic format so that everyone can have easy access to accurate family information via this site. Information is included for both living and deceased family members. Some of the information for living family members is incomplete.

If you see any inaccurate or incomplete information please send an email to jeffnemelka at frontier dot com. If any family members are doing genealogy to please get in touch with Jeff so he can know what you’re working on. Please include information on the family line you’re working on so we don’t duplicate our efforts.

Visit the Contact Us page to request a copy of the last PAF file.

Visit the Families page to see this same information presented as an animated Flash family tree. ID and password are NOT required for accessing some of this information.

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please keep in mind that LDS ordinance info is not always included in this PAF file. So you should not submit names to the LDS Church based on the contents of this PAF file. It is highly likely that ordinance work has been completed for all family members who were known to have died prior to 1970. For those interested in doing additional genealogy research, we strongly encourage you to focus your efforts on gathering information about Carl and Elizabeth’s siblings and their posterity.

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