Introducing… Lars Nemelka and Family, of Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany
We live in a very little village with ca. 1.500 inhabitants near Singen am Hohentwiel. This town is 6 km from Lace of Constance. There are five of us. My name is Lars and I am 15 years old (May 2002), my sister Lisa is 19 years old, my father Klaus is 51 years old, my mother Barbara (borne Martin) is 46 years old, and my grandmother Rosa is 80 years old. In the little village we have our own supermarket. All of us are working there. My grandmother, too. Maybe we will make a homepage, soon. Here are some facts about my grandfather Franz Nemelka. He was born on September 1, 1915 in Cezchy. We don’t know, where exactly, because he told us only that he was born in Cezchy Krumlov. Maybe he was born in a little town near this city. He lived there in Breitengasse 52. This street is near a big castle. It’s the second biggest castle in Cezchy. Only Praha had a bigger one. Franz’ dad was a furnithur. Franz was working a long time there. Then he worked for the Cezchy military, but I don’t know what exactly. Then he changed to the German military as “Gebirgsjager”. He had a brother and a sister, too. They were called Joseph and Maria. His parents were called Joseph and Maria, too. Franz died in 1983 in our hometown.