The Quest for the Gift of Life Foundation
Life – An Organ Donor’s Gift of Love

The Quest for the Gift of Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that solicits organ donation, recognition, and financial aid for people needing organ transplants.

6,000 people die each year waiting for a transplant, and the national transplant waiting list contains over 84,000 individuals waiting for transplants. The Foundation is committed to helping save these lives by doing “whatever it takes” to significantly increase the availability of life-saving transplant organs, eyes, and tissue.

Thanks to the help and determination of countless individuals, Utah now has over one million people registered as donors, the highest per capita of any state in the nation. Although much has been accomplished, there is still much to do. The Foundation invites every city, town, company, and individual to help save these lives.

Lori and Sid Williams, of Centerville, Utah, who lost their 10 year old daughter who became a donor, said of the experience: “While we will always grieve over Kristen’s death, knowing that her organs gave life and sight to others has been a great comfort to us….How much more difficult it would be for a mother of a dying child whose life could have been saved, if only another family…had found the generosity to donate…”

You can sign up for organ donation at (Utah residents).

The Foundation has been approved to assemble a beautiful memorial to all those who donate, located on the new Library Square in Salt Lake City.

There is also a program to enable companies to become “Partners in the Workplace,” designed to help promote and encourage employees to make informed decisions regarding organ donation.

Please contact the Foundation for more information:

The Quest for the Gift of Life Foundation

6783 South 1300 East Suite P

Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Jeannene Barham
Executive Director

David Nemelka (Founder) with his wife, Ingrid
Jeannene Nemelka Barham (Executive Director) with her husband, Ed.
Mark Nemelka, his twin sons, Bo and Blake, David Nemelka, and Maggie Alsop, a 5 year old girl whose life was saved through a liver transplant at 6 months old.
David Nemelka together with twin brothers Bo and Blake Nemelka